Formally founded in 2002, Kehillat Hillel Ha’azinu (KHH) consisted of a small group of students from the five college community who were interested in enjoying Shabbat together. They would get together to davening and cook Shabbat meals which would be eaten upstairs of the UMass Hillel. This established a new student group at the UMass Hillel, Kehillat Hillel Ha’azinu.

Today, after a few years we have gone from a couple of members to well over 50 and still growing! We have gone from small home cooked meals to having over 50 students and guest for Shabbat lunch. We have an OU sponsored JLIC couple on campus, daily, Chag, and Shabbat davening, learning, Kosher Dining through UMass, and more!

We are also one of the major campus on the charts for prospective students who are interested in a strong orthodox presence. Each semester students from around the United States vist UMass Amherst and KHH. We also welcome them once a semester for a Prospective Weekend.

If you look at the rapid growth our community has had over just a few short years, you will too see the excitement we have for KHH. We encourage and welcome everybody anybody to our community.

We have the opportunity to create something special, and we are taking it.

Our community at a glance

• 50+ community members and growing!

• Mikvah located locally at UMass Chabad

• Student led board

• OU sponsored JLIC couple

• Warm Shabbat experience

• Weekly shiurim (by students, JLIC, and guest speakers)

• Hillel classes (with university credit option)

• Shabbat, Chag, and daily davening

• Kosher Dining (through UMass Dining Services)

• A member of the UMass Amherst greater Hillel community