What makes KHH special?
Community Havdallah at the home of Rabbi Raffi and Ariella.

Community Havdallah at the home of Rabbi Raffi and Ariella.

“Of all Orthodox groups on college campuses, KHH is the most warm, accepting, tight-knit, and loving community I know of.” -Ayelet P. ’19

“We might not be the largest community, but were one of the most unique and well-fed!” -Ilan G. ’21

“I love how we are one big family, and our community leaders are all amazing and make Amherst such a great place to be a Jew” -Austin H  ’20

“Our community is filled with so much love, literally 10% of us marry each other.” -Aron U. ’19

“A great community where you can truly have an impact” -Joshua G. ’18

When we came to UMass Amherst as freshman, we did not know what to expect. We both came from Modern Orthodox high schools and met at Midreshet Lindenbaum. Many of our friends were going to schools with tens if not hundreds of other people they knew, and we basically only knew each other. Once we got here, it was easy to immediately feel at home. Everybody was so welcoming, and we quickly found our niche. Hillel is such an accepting and pluralistic environment, and KHH gives Orthodox students a place to be comfortable. Come visit us and experience it for yourself!

-Shoshie and Kayla, Current Presidents of KHH